'Westworld' Season Finale Smashes HBO Audience Records

While audience ratings exploded off the charts for Game of Thrones' season six, this wasn't necessarily the case for the HBO show's first few chapters. On the flipside, it seems that Westworld has hit the ground running reeling in huge audiences from the word go.

For the series' inaugural season, Dolores and her robotic gang averaged around 12 million viewers across all platforms, compared to just 5.4 million for GoT's first instalment.


(Photo: HBO)


Sunday's episode tipped the balance with a whopping total of 2.2 million tuning into the show's season finale. As a result, Westworld has been crowned the most successful HBO freshman series of all time.

That said, these figures do include ratings from HBO Now and HBO Go which weren't around at the time of GOT's launch. The George R.R. Martin-created hit also smashed it this year, gathering 23.3 million viewers for its sixth season.

With a bit of luck, Westworld might beat its own records in season two, the air date of which is yet to be announced. With five seasons already mapped out, it seems our Sunday night Wild West adventures are here to stay.


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By Florian Ques, published on 06/12/2016


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