Par Adrien Delage

Watching Game of Thrones carries a serious risk of heart attack due to the high number of deaths per season. According to the latest figures, more than 170,000 human characters, White Walkers, wolves, dragons and even Ed Sheeran have been killed off since the start of the series. And despite the violence of some executions, and some sadly memorable episodes such as the Red Wedding, fans haven't seen anything yet.


The eighth and final season of Game of Thrones is set to be the scene of a true massacre which will exceed the total number of deaths in all seven previous seasons. This terrifying yet exciting information comes from an interview with Sophie Turner, aka Sansa Stark, published by Gold Derby:

"I can tell you that there’s definitely a coming together of people. Everyone is coming together to fight the impending doom. There’s a lot of tension between these little groups, battling for what they think is right. It’s Game of Thrones, so it’s going to be bloodier and more death and more emotionally torturous than all the years before!"

Will any Starks, Lannisters, Targaryens or White Walkers remain standing at the end of the Great War? It's difficult to say, as the producers of the series have been playing for several months at hinting at a macabre future for the inhabitants of Westeros, and even the complete annihilation of every one of our heroes. "Valar Morghulis" will be king and will sit on the Iron Throne in the place of Cersei, Daenerys or Jon Snow in 2019. Thank you, George R.R. Martin.