Par Adrien Delage

For the last two years, the tiny Nintendo creatures have invaded our smartphones through the augmented reality mobile game Pokemon Go. This creation derived from the cult Japanese franchise brought in revenues of more than 1.8 billion dollars (around 1.5 billion euros) for Niantic, the studio behind the game, in just 24 months according to a Sensor Tower study. The Californian company is inevitably looking to expand its activities and has just entered negotiations with Netflix and Fuji TV to adapt one of the key games in its catalog into a series.

© Niantic

The game in question is Ingress, a location-based multi-player game in which players can interact and take action depending on the place in which they find themselves. Ingress was Niantic's first big hit before the arrival of the colossus Pokemon Go, which left it in the dust. The US studio is now preparing a sequel (Ingress Prime); the anime will accompany its release and help the game to emerge from the shadow of Pikachu and his buddies. 

Niantic, Netflix and Fuji TV have convinced Crafter and artistic director Takeshi Honda (Evangelion) to do the animation for the series. In Ingress, extraterrestrial material lands on earth and agitates its inhabitants. Humans quickly discover that 'exotic matter' (or EM) can influence the brain, providing some people with mental super powers. The story revolves around two main characters, Makoto and Sarah.

Makoto gains powers by getting close to the matter. He is able to know the story of any object just by touching it. Meanwhile, Sarah can see through time and space. The pair will be joined by a third protagonist, Jack, whose motives remain mysterious. Together, the trio will have to overcome a conspiracy which divides the world into The Resistance and The Enlightened, two factions capable of annihilating the planet with the power of EM. Ingress: The Animation is expected this fall on Fuji TV in Japan and on Netflix in the rest of the world.