Watch A Young Emma Stone In An Old Episode Of 'Malcolm In The Middle'

The year is 2007. Emma Stone is still Emily Stone. She’s just moved to Los Angeles and Disney's refused her a role in The Suite Life of Zack and Cody. A year earlier, she managed to scrape a small part in the crime series Medium. She continues to make her first steps into the world of television by joining the cast of Malcom in the Middle for a single episode in the show's final season.


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Better not piss off Lois

In episode 16 of season 7, Reese is livid. Cindy, a pretty fit and trendy high school student, is invited to dinner with Malcom’s family. But when Reese opens the door there’s a huge pig named Cindy on the threshold. He realises then that he’s the butt of a joke put together by Kristin, Paula, Heidi and Diane (played by Emma Stone).

Lois witnesses the scene and decides to avenge her son, overwhelmed with embarrassment. She first asks the school principal to somehow punish the girls. When he refuses to do so though (and humiliates her by the same occasion), Lois snaps and decides to do it herself by targeting the four friends’ hobbies.


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First, Lois sticks bits of chewing gum in Kristin’s helmet to mess up her hair. Then she turns Heidi’s parents against her, causing her to lose her boyfriend. Finally, she steals Diane’s dolls and beheads them before hiding them in her school locker. In short, the three girls get their comeuppance one after the other.

Lois eventually realises she’s gone too far and decides to stop before further embarrassing her family. Reese persuades her to finish the job though, and they end up teaming with Paula. They use Hal’s baseball training machine to launch paint-filled balls on Paula’s dress.

From Emily to Spider-Man

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Emma Stone’s brief appearance in the show was actually an important step in her career. Indeed, it was during the filming of this episode that she decided to change her screen name from Emily to Emma. She also joined the Screen Actors Guild, a professional union representing American actors and actresses.

Today, Stone is one of Hollywood’s darlings. Shortly after appearing alongside Malcolm, she got a regular part in the short lived series Drive. In 2007, she began to appear in box office smashes (Superbad, Friends with Benefits) as well as indie dramas (Crazy, Stupid, Love) before reaching global fame by playing Gwen Stacy in the Spider-Man reboot alongside Andrew Garfield.

Since then she’s become one of these all-round actresses like Sarah Paulson, at ease playing very different characters. We will see her again on TV soon in Maniac, the new series by director Cary Fukunaga (True Detective). She will also appear in the upcoming biopic Battle of the Sexes and will play Cruella de Vil in the 101 Dalmatians reboot planned for 2018.

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By Adrien Delage, published on 01/11/2016