Sony Pictures Will Reshoot Kevin Spacey's Role In 'All The Money In The World'

In a bold move from director Ridley Scott, Kevin Spacey has been removed from his starring role in the new movie All The Money In The World. The film, which starred Spacey as American industrialist J. Paul Getty, was already finished by the time jarring allegations of sexual of assault surfaced surrounding the actor.

In an effort to rectify the mess made, Canadian-born actor Christopher Plummer is set to replace Spacey in his role. According to Deadline, the remainder of the cast and crew has unanimously agreed to follow suit with reshooting efforts, including Mark Wahlberg and Michelle Williams. 

(Image: Sony Pictures)

The movie revolves around the story of Getty and his refusal to cooperate with the demands of a group of kidnappers who mutilated his grandson in the 1970s. Spacey's starring role was expected to be an important one, although it's said he only worked on the film for 8 to 10 days during shooting. 

Deadline further reports the film widely focuses on the efforts of the kidnapped heir’s mother, Gail Harris (Williams), and Getty’s adviser (Wahlberg), who will be met with the task of reshooting all scenes involving Spacey. With Scott determined to keep the film's December 22 release date, reshooting of key scenes are expected to commence immediately. 

The major move is quite unprecedented for Hollywood, which notoriously has had a history of sweeping scandals under the rug. While Sony Pictures hasn't commented on the decision as of yet, photos of Spacey have already been pulled from the movie's press site.

In similar fashion, Netflix has shut down production of the last season of House of Cards, cutting ties with Spacey completely. Spacey won a Golden Globe for his role as politician Francis Underwood in the series; unfortunately for him, it will likely be the last award he'll ever see in his career.  

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By Kimberly B. Johnson, publish on 10/11/2017