These Skateboard Magazine Libraries Are Fighting To Immortalise Print

Before the internet and the ability to look up #skateboarding on your phone, magazines were your way into the culture, explains Kevin Marks, founder of the Look Back Library.

"A big connection for how I learned about travel and exploring other scenes came from reading Slap and Thrasher – and the travel articles they would feature"

His non-profit organisation is currently working to preserve printed skateboard content and promote literacy by building a number of skateboard magazine libraries across the globe.


Collating personal collections and generous donations, Look Back Library has almost every skateboard magazine since the 1986 issue of Thrasher Magazine – including Transworld, Slap and Lowcard.

In a short documentary by Jenkem Magazine and Levis Skateboarding, filmmakers Christian Kerr and Jeff Halleran go to their home base in San Diego where he organises the magazines to deliver to skate shop libraries across the USA.

Watch the four-minute documentary below. 


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By Matthew Kirby, published on 05/04/2016


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