'The Simpsons' Meets 'Rick And Morty' In Opening Credits Gag

Far from feeling a little jealous of Rick and Morty's monumental rise to success in recent years, the comedy veterans behind The Simpsons are actually huge fans of the show.

How do we know? Because the sneaks managed to slip in a little nod to the interdimensional-voyaging duo in their latest episode. 

(Photo: Fox)

Regularly altering their opening credits with pop culture symbols, The Simpsons most recently paid homage to their animated brothers with a little sauce gag. 

In the credits of the fifth episode of the 29th season, we see Maggie grab a massive vat of Szechuan sauce. So it looks like while Rick Sanchez is desperately struggling to find a sachet of the sauce, Springfield is swimming in the stuff. 

Now iconic thanks to a mention in Rick and Morty, the sauce was originally handed out as a limited edition offer in McDonalds to promote the release of Mulan

Ever since it was featured in the show, fans had been campaigning hard to get it back in stores and kind of succeeded earlier this year – even if the event was a total fiasco

The Simpsons also previously referenced Rick and Morty in an episode of season 26 with an explosive couch gag. Check it out below:

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By Florian Ques, publish on 08/11/2017