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At around midnight last night, the residents of Paris awoke to the sound of explosions ringing through the French capital after an unexpected fireworks display kicked off at the Eiffel Tower. 

The reason behind the unusual event? Sense8, of course.

(Photo: Netflix)

For the past few days, the show, originally aired on Netflix, has been in the City of Lights filming its last ever episode. Touching down in Montmartre, then the 15th arrondissement, the Sense8 crew went out in style with an elaborate firework show held near the Champ-de-Mars. 

The scene will be included in the series' two-hour finale, written by the Wachowski sisters following Netflix's shock cancellation. But it looks like not all Parisians got the memo. 

Considering France has been in an extended state of emergency since the Charlie Hebdo attack back in November 2015, Paris city hall has come under fire for not sufficiently notifying the capital's residents of the event.

Hundreds took to Twitter as the display unfolded, with some concerned that Paris had once again fallen victim to a terrorist attack.

A tweet containing a warning notice from production company Peninsula Television quickly made the rounds to reassure the public that there was nothing to worry about. But for some it was too little too late, with many criticising the authorities for not providing adequate warning. 

Translation: "At midnight you hear an explosion on the streets of #Paris. Are they not aware that we freak out hearing these kinds of sounds right now?"

Translation: "So last night the whole of Paris heard a bunch of explosions and freaked out (myself included). And it was 'only' for the filming of the  finale."


Paris city hall has since apologised for any disturbance, recognising that it did not spread the information wide enough. 

In more positive news, it looks like the Sense8 two-hour finale is going to be pretty spectacular. Check out the show below:

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