Adult Swim Just Released The "Rick And Morty" Season Three Premiere

This is not a drill. I repeat. This is not a drill.

Adult Swim has just made the "Rick and Morty" season three premiere available to watch online.

The episode is titled "The Rickshaw Rickdemption" and arrived, quite aptly, on April Fool's Day, which caught almost everyone off guard.

It follows months of speculation on release dates, an incessant trolling campaign and mountains upon mountains of fake news (most courtesy of IMDB and Wikipedia revisions).

Series creators Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland no doubt took pleasure in confusing the shit out of fans with this impromptu, near-double bluff release.

You can watch the episode on Adult Swim now (depending on your where you are in the world and what time you wake up to read the news).

It will be on a continuous stream forever, according to the official Twitter.

Rick and Morty season three still doesn't have a confirmed airdate, however, and no one's quite sure when the rest of the episodes will arrive.

But at least we have one more episode to watch.

Harmon and Roiland have taken their time writing the episodes for this new season.

And, as the two explained earlier in the year, the initial plan for the season two finale was not meant to be a cliffhanger.

“The truth is what we wanted to do was have that be the second-to-last episode and almost have it be part of the joke that the finale would basically wrap that story up," they told Collider.

But the two said this proved to be quite a challenge. So this is how season three arrived, live.

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By Matthew Kirby, published on 02/04/2017