'Rick And Morty' To Return For 70 Brand New Episodes

So it turns out we really didn't have to worry about the future of Rick and Morty after all... While fans were up in arms thinking that the show was about to be cancelled, news has broken that the animated series has not only been renewed for another season – we're actually getting a 70 brand new episodes. 

(Image: Adult Swim)

As Deadline reports, our inter-dimensional explorers are set to continue their adventures for even longer than anyone imagined. For the moment, we're not sure exactly when these 70 episodes are set to surface but considering every season contains around 10 episodes, we could be getting as many as seven more seasons. 


Up to now, work on the series has been on standby while negotiations took place. And while it looks as though the creators can now get back to writing, the next chapter still isn't expected to hit screens until 2019.

To celebrate the good news, the Rickmobile will hitting the road once more with a US-wide tour kicking off in Georgia on May 17. The mobile shop will be offering up new custom-designed show collectibles at more than 50 stops, including San Diego Comic Con in July. 

By Florian Ques, published on 11/05/2018

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