Pokémon Go Fans Have Been Turning Up To This House And Causing Havoc

Since the release of Pokémon Go the augmented reality smartphone game has become a massive hit with fans of the franchise. Having been installed on more Android phones than Tinder already the game has been given safety warnings, helped solve crime and given some gamers much needed exercise.

Now some are starting to see the downsides of the immensely popular game, and one US resident in particular felt the full force of fan power after his house was designated as a Poké gym and players started turning up at all hours to play.

Boon Sheridan posted to Twitter after he discovered that his house, which was once a former Church had been designated as a Gym that Pokémon Go players would visit to train.

Apparently those who set up the mapping on the game have been looking at some outdated data, since Mr Sheridan's house hasn't been a church for nearly 40 years. None the less players were turning up night and day, lurking outside trying to complete the game.

Thus far it seems that Boon Sheridan's experience as an accidental gym owner has been fairly positive, receiving plenty of online love from grateful gamers. However he does bring up some fairly deep questions about how future augmented reality games might impact people's privacy, and could these games ever encourage antisocial behaviour.

Another, much darker side of Pokémon Go has already been discovered by some players, who have been lured into traps by armed robbers who are using the game. However, most have been respectful towards the fact that Sheridan lives in the 'gym'.

UK gamers should soon be able to download Pokémon Go however according to the BBC, no official date has been given and some fans are getting a little impatient...

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By Kate Lismore, published on 11/07/2016