Paparazzi Threatened To Sell Nudes Of Sia, So She Shared Them Herself

This week, Australian singer Sia had a pretty badass response to threats from a source threatening to sell naked photographs of her: she simply got there first. 

The picture agency in question – thought to be US company FameFlyNet – reportedly got their hands on fifteen pictures of the singer, including one nude, and was asking for money in return for them. 

Instead, Sia cut out the middle man and shared a screenshot of the naked photo to her Twitter account meaning the idiot blackmailer couldn't make any cash from it. 

Famously extremely private, Sia regularly performs with large wigs or other props covering her face making her reaction to the incident all the more perfect. 

Praised across social media for taking back control of her own image, the singer also gave the paparazzi a lesson they hopefully won't forget any time soon. Respect.


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By Lisa Miquet, published on 08/11/2017