(Photo: Bristol Post)


Massive Attack's 3D Comments On Those Banksy Rumours

After longstanding rumours resurfaced that 3D from Massive Attack was in fact the elusive street artist Banksy, the band addressed the theories at a recent concert in South Downs near Bristol Zoo.

The rumours of Banksy secretly being part of Massive Attack started in 2010 after a study revealed how Banksy's work often appeared close to where a Massive Attack were performing.

banksy map

The conspiracy map. (Image: Daily Mail)

However 3D spoke to crowds of 27,000 people at the gig, the Bristol Post reports him saying:


"Rumours if me being Banksy greatly exaggerated, we are all Banksy!"


Massive Attack appear to have taken the Banksy nod as a compliment, adding in Banky-esque artwork to their show as a tongue-in-cheek nod to the fan theory.

(Photo: Bristol Post)

(Photo: Bristol Post)

(Photo: Bristol Post/ Michael Lloyd)

(Photo: Bristol Post/ Michael Lloyd)

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By Kate Lismore, published on 05/09/2016