Louis Theroux and Jimmy Savile. (Photo: Justin Evans/BBC TWO)


Louis Theroux Examines His Meeting With Jimmy Savile In Dark New Documentary

Louis Theroux has tackled many challenging topics over the course of his career as a journalist and documentarian.

From the US prison system to the 'Most Hated Family in America', it can't be argued that Louis hasn't asked some tough questions over the years. However, his most recent BBC film, covering the time he met Jimmy Savile could be his most intriguing yet.

Meeting the Savile back in 2000, before his death and evidence of decades of historical sexual abuse was uncovered and shocked the world, Theroux spoke to the iconic presenter and now looks back on how he was duped like many others into liking such a heinous person.

When Louis Met Jimmy, doesn't necessarily paint a flattering portrait of the presenter, however as Theroux told the Guardian, he couldn't fathom the crimes he'd committed against vulnerable children over the years.


"But then as much as I’d like to think that I got Jimmy Savile right, I didn’t imagine him to be capable of those crimes. And what I’ve had to get my head around is the fact that I grew to like him. I kept friendly relations with him for a few years after making the programme.”


So now Theroux is back examining his meeting with Savile and questioning just how he managed to dupe, not just him but generations of people.

Speaking candidly Louis suggests that there was so much 'persona' to Jimmy Savile, from his mannerisms right down to his ugly shell suits that his dark, predatory nature was hidden.


"I've had to revisit that and think about that. Who was he? How much of the person that I thought I knew was real? And you have to re-evaluate and unpick a lot of memories and think about that. I mean, I knew I never quite got his number. I knew there was an aspect of his life to do with his sexual interests that remained opaque to me."


The dark follow-up to one of Louis most famous meetings, Louis Theroux: Savile is on tonight (October 2) on BBC Two. 



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By Kate Lismore, published on 02/10/2016