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Kevin Morby Walks On A Country Road In The Charming Video For 'Dorothy'

Kevin Morby is still far from the fame level acquired by his elder brothers Kurt Vile and Sufjan Stevens, but he surely is on the right tracks. Only aged 27, the Texas-born musician first started his career as bassist of folk group Woods before taking the lead of the more indie, Big Star inspired band The Babies.

In 2013, he released a first little gem of an album titled Harlem Rivers, featuring a track with Welsh songwriter Cate Le Bon. A year later he dropped Still Life, an equally good and perhaps more mature LP containing the gentle anthem "All Of My Life."


'Singing Saw' cover. (Photo: Dusdin Condren)

'Singing Saw' cover. (Photo: Dusdin Condren)

So far more of a autumnal singer, Morby is to release his third solo record on next month. Shared in February, the first single "I Have Been To The Mountain" was illustrated by a marvellous video showing one of the musician's pal resurrecting after dying from a long disease on a bleak hospital bed.

Sounding positive, the track was actually an homage to NYPD victime Eric Garner. Today, Kevin Morby unveiled a more lightweight song, "Dorothy." More electric than his previous compositions, the tune still has that incredibly positive feeling that makes you feel like running in the woods.


The video, directed Christopher Good actually shows the young man, his soft hair, slightly chubby cheeks and his sharp suits walking on a country road, getting on board of a pick-up truck and chat with pals.

He shared it today via Facebook commented it featured "all of [his] Kansas City friends and fam..." That's what Morby's music generally feel like: a rejuvenating return to your roots, surrounded by the people you love.

Singing Saw is out April 15 2016.


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By Thomas Andrei, published on 24/03/2016

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