Kanye West Wants To Complete 52 Projects In 52 Weeks

An album per week, no more, no less. On June 22, Kanye West released the Teyana Taylor album Keep That Same Energy, which he produced in full. It was the latest album in a production marathon which began on May 25 with the release of Daytona by Pusha T, followed by his own album Ye, Kids See Ghosts with Kid Cudi and Nasir by Nas.

(Via YouTube)

This month with an album release every week seems to have given Yeezy ideas. Around the time of the release of Ye, Kanye West spent three days with Jon Caramanica, a journalist from the New York Times. Jon Caramanica later recounted the meeting in a podcast, revealing some choice tidbits from the interview. 

According to the journalist, Kanye West has the crazy ambition to produce 52 albums in 52 weeks, or one album per week for a whole year. Jon Caramanica explained to Popcast that Kanye told him he'd like to "move to Wyoming and spend more time there", before saying that he'd said "he wanted to make 52 albums in 52 weeks".

During this month, Kanye West has shown us he really isn't lacking inspiration. And if he's released an album per week for five weeks, why couldn't he do the same for 52 weeks? Only time will well. 

In the meantime, you can listen to the podcast in which Jon Caramanica reports back on his meeting and on the days he spent with Kanye West. The more impatient among you can skip to 48:45 to hear more about Yeezy's crazy goals.

By Henri Margueritte, published on 28/06/2018