More Is Revealed About Sony's Upcoming 'Jumanji' Remake

Little by little, we're finding out a bit more about the upcoming Jumanji sequel. While the project has been in the pipeline for years, 2015 was the year it was picked up by the American studios. Last year, we learnt that Sony was planning a reboot of the film, set to be one of its major 2016/2017 releases. 

In mid-January, the project found its director with Jake Kasdan, responsible for such 'classics' such as Bad Teacher and Sex Tape. The remake has been put forward as a more faithful reinterpretation of Chris Van Allsburg's original book; for example, it might surprise you to find out the Robin Williams didn't exist in the written version.

However, Kasdan isn't exactly known for being a a major name in the world of directing – at least, not enough to succeed Joe Johnston, the man who marked a generation with his original film adaptation. 


After unveiling the direction came news of the cast. Variety has just unveiled two American actors who are currently in discussions with Sony Pictures to head the film:  Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart. The pair will also feature in Warner Bros. upcoming action-comedy Central Intelligence

So, should we be worried about our dear old Jumanji? Quite possibly. Between Hercule, Fast & Furious 7, Journey to the Center of the Earth, G.I. Joe and No Pain No Gain, it's obvious that Dwayne Johnson, aka The Rock, and his monumental muscles are comfortable in big productions.


As for Kevin Hart, we're asking ourselves if the Jumanji remake might not be heading a bit too far in the direction of humour. Outcome to be revealed on July 28 2017.

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By Louis Lepron, published on 16/04/2016

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