Par Naomi Clément

On November 17, Jaden Smith presented his very first album to the world: SYRE. A project containing 17 tracks, featuring A$AP Rocky, which quickly became a gold record thanks to the viral success of Icon – a track whose video clip, parodied some time later by Will Smith and a Black Panther fan, has now been watched on YouTube more than 80 million times.

Photo from SYRE, the first full album by Jaden Smith. (© the rapper's Facebook page)

Receiving a mitigated response from critics (Pitchfork gave the album 5.1/10), the album nonetheless allowed the young artist to reveal a unique sound and visual universe, characterized by an overwhelming melancholy and a dreamy ambiance, and marked by the constant presence, both in his video clips and on the single covers, of a romantic pink and purple sky.

This universe is now boosted by SYRE: The Electric Album, a new project unexpectedly revealed on Sunday July 8, the day of Jaden Smith's birthday, on Instagram TV (the platform's new video service). Available only on the photo-sharing social network, this new album features five tracks ("B ELECTRIC", "NINETY ELECTRIC", "Lost Boy ELECTRIC", "FALLEN ELECTRIC" and "ICON? ELECTRIC") which all follow the same nostalgic lines as SYRE.

For now, no information has yet been announced concerning the album's release on streaming platforms, but this surprise project could have been a way for the American rapper to announce his imminent return. On June 22, the eldest Smith sibling revealed a new single "GHOST" which, as Billboard reminds us, will be the first single from his new album ERYS. More news coming soon.