J. Cole Says He Probably Won't Do An Album With Kendrick Lamar

Since their first collaboration back in 2013, rumours surrounding a potential joint album between J. Cole and Kendrick Lamar haven't stopped flying. The pair then seemed to confirm things by remixing each other's tracks for Black Friday, before Ab-Soul announced that the duo definitely had something in the works last year. Basically, everything seemed to point to good news – until now.

Tackling the hearsay head-on, TDE label co-president Terrence "Punch" Henderson took to Twitter, stating that the collab project would "probably never" be released. And just in case you had a single hope left to kill, J. Cole then decided to share an interview clarifying the situation.

"We just did a few songs. Like, we did a bunch of ideas", J. Cole explained to Angie Martinez for Pitchfork. "Put it like that. It was nothing, like, you wouldn’t call it an album. It’s not like it’s something that’s actively happening."

On a slightly more positive note, he does go on to add that, while people shouldn't get their hopes up, this doesn't mean that the disc is never going to happen. Just "not just now". In the meantime, you can focus your full attention on J. Cole's latest album KOD, released on April 20. 

By Sophie Laroche, published on 18/05/2018