Instagram Duo Travels The World Snapping Locations From Their Favourite Series

As we all know, binge-watching series is great. But actually using your favourite shows as an excuse to travel the world? Even better. For a little while now, Finnish pals Tiia Ohman and Satu Walden have been setting off from their native Helsinki in hunt of the most striking locations from the biggest TV shows out there.

Forming travel blogger duo Fangirl Quest, Tiia and Satu have even come up with their own special way to capture their far flung adventures. For each new site, they bring along a tablet with a screenshot of a particular scene and line up the images with the background in real life – a process they refer to as 'scene-framing'. "We took a few photos during a road trip in the UK", the pair explained of the project's origins. "We then posted them online and got almost 60,000 shares in just a couple of weeks."

Armed with the success of their first venture, the pair decided to launch their own travel blog which is regularly updated with series-inspired destinations. From Legion to Stranger Things, not forgetting an extra special effort for Game of Thrones, the two have covered a long list of television hits – and the journey is far from over. "Now when we watch a film or a series that we like, we almost always check where it's filmed", they told us recently. "We have a long list of places we'd like to visit, especially New Zealand, Spain, South Africa."

As it turns out, it's pretty straightforward to track down the filming locations of the most popular series with fans frequently reporting to forums or Reddit threads. Nonetheless, the sneaky duo isn't afraid of doing a little detective work now and again: "We mark out signs, recognisable monuments or any other detail that could be used as a clue." All things considered, we'd say it's definitely worth the effort. Check out Fangirl Quest's blog and Instagram page to keep up to date with their latest adventures.

By Florian Ques, published on 03/05/2018