Homer Simpson Will Soon Be Responding To Your Questions Live On TV

Running an animated series offers an infinite number of possibilities to the show's creators. To such an extent, that The Simpsons has so far managed to renew itself and come up with original stories for an impressive total of 27 seasons. 

However, if there's one limit that the world of cartoons cannot overcome, it's the broadcast of a live episode. Giving life to these characters takes time, as does the creation of their adventures. But the brains behind The Simpsons have come up with a way to get around that. 

On May 15, FOX will be offering viewers the chance to ask questions to Homer himself, who will respond directly in the first ever live broadcast of a cartoon. For the very special episode, Marge, Maggie, Bart and Lisa will be leaving the floor to their dopey dad in a never-before-seen performance.



(Photo: Fox)

Instead of using the painstaking process usually employed by the team behind our yellow friends, the live-action Homer will be created by motion capture technology. Dan Castellaneta, the legendary voice of the loveable oaf, will not only be in charge of producing the dialogue: the technology will also mirror his every movement.

In addition to being a technological feat, the actor has quite an improvisational challenge on his hands. And Castellaneta will be carrying out the tricky task twice in the same evening –  once for the West Coast of the United States, once for the East.


If you want to try you luck at getting in touch with Homer Simpson, you just have to tweet a question using hashtag #HomerLive, between May 1 and 4.


(Photo: Fox)

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By Delphine Rivet, published on 17/02/2016

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