'Grave Of The Fireflies' Fans Have Found A Haunting Hidden Detail In Its Poster

A week on from the death of Grave of the Fireflies creator Isao Takahata, one fan has revealed a hidden detail from the poster of the Studio Ghibli film. As Kotaku reports, once the poster's brightness and colour have been altered, a B29 – a bomber plane used by the United States during the Second World War – emerges from the darkness. As such, the glowing lights that were assumed to be fireflies are, in reality, more likely to depict bullets or firebombs. 

The powerful movie takes place in Japan in 1945 and follows the journey of two orphans: 14-year-old Seita and her young sister Setsuko. In one scene, the pair are seen roaming the countryside and stop to marvel at thousands of fireflies in a cult sequence that has taken on an entirely different meaning today. Already considered one of Studio Ghibli's most heartbreaking films, this latest revelation has only confirmed the fact. 

By Lucille Bion, publish on 16/04/2018