Fascinating Supercuts Link The First And Last Scenes Of Movies

For the past three years, Jacob T. Swinney has been busy analyzing the first and last scenes of the biggest hits of the cinema world. Similar to his first Tumblr project "First-last pictures and sentences of movies", the videomaker has just launched his third compilation via Vimeo

While the majority of the first and final sequences seen in the Part III clip are different from each other, some filmmakers have opted to repeat a variation of the initial scene at the end of the movie to create a kind of perpetual loop. The thriller Gone Girl, for example, opens up with the innocent face of Rosamund Pike. But two hours and 30 minutes later, our perception of the character has completely changed when the movie replays the same scene. 

The shots are confirmation of the genius of David Fincher, but they also demonstrate just how powerful opening and closing scenes can be. Check out more of Jacob T. Swinney's work just below.

By Marie Jaso, publish on 14/03/2018