Ryan Reynolds Is Offering Fans Free Deadpool 2 Tattoos This Weekend

Following its first full-length trailer that saw Ryan Reynolds incarnate the one and only Bob Ross, we're treated to yet another hilarious skit from the Deadpool 2 creators.

In the new 2-minute video, we see Deadpool himself, donning his "sexy red spandex" suit, address "the legions" of Brazilian fans in a mixture of English and Portuguese, which he claims to have learned via "Google Translate and countless hours watching telenovelas."

The main message is that visitors of Comic-Con Experience in Sao Paulo (December 7–10) will have the chance of getting free Deadpool-themed tattoos as means of promoting the new movie.

Fans interested in marking their bodies with a Deadpool tattoo can choose from the following designs: Love, Family, Pride and Prison. They'll also need to sign up through deadpooltattoo.com.br to receive their ink.

According to Reynolds, who shared the news on his Instagram, he's "combined all four to create a beautiful lower back piece," which is something you might want to consider too maybe.

Directed by David Leitch, Deadpool 2 is set for release on June 1, 2018.

I combined all four to create a beautiful lower back piece.

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By Justina Bakutyte, publish on 06/12/2017