Most Brits Want David Attenborough To Feature On The New £20 Note

Sir David Attenborough has earned a reputation as one of the most responsible people in Britain. He's a humanitarian, a knight, a conservationist and a charity doner – a bonified national treasure.

The British broadcaster is such a beacon of stability, a public enquiry has now found that most Britons want him to appear on the new £20 as their "ethical champion", according to a YouGov survey.

Their research shows that 40% of the 2,128 people who took part in the study consider Sir David as their first choice for ethically-minded figureheads.

The BBC presenter beat his closest rival Prince Charles (who came in second with 7%) and outstripped the likes of people such as Richard Branson, Stella McCartney and Jamie Oliver.

Meanwhile, Harry Potter novelist J.K. Rowling earned 4% approval and human rights activist Anita Roddick and archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby earned 3% respectively.

As Charlene Cranny, programme manager at the UK Sustainable Investment and Finance Association (UKSIF), explains: "It's no surprise Sir David Attenborough came out top in this poll."

"With his endless conservation work, he would act as a constant reminder to the public to make 'ethical' money choices"

Conducted in September 2017, the poll asked participants to name an individual from a list of 15 "ethical champions" who would "remind the public to be ethical in how they spend their money".

It forms part of Good Money Week, an annual initiative which runs from October 8-14 that encourages people to make "ethical money choices" in their daily spending.

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By Matthew Kirby, published on 09/10/2017