These 'Commitment Rings' Are For Couples Trying Not To Commit 'Netflix Adultery'

Whether it's with your bae or with your housemates, we've all had the urge to keep watching the series we're obsessed with, even when they patiently wait for you when you're home late from work...

It turns out boxset or Netflix 'cheaters' are a fairly common phenomenon in modern relationships, so much so that ice cream brand Cornetto have come up with a genius new technology designed to curb the urge to watch episodes without your other half.

Dubbed the 'commitment rings' the technology means that couples have to sync their fave shows with the online app so that both rings have to be present for the streaming platform, be it Netflix, Hulu or Amazon Prime to play the programme.


According to Fast Company, Cornetto is still negotiating to get the rings hooked up to the streaming sites but once this is sorted they plan to distribute the devices to couples in need over the internet.

Watch the cheesy advert below to see just how you could save your relationship from future box set bust-ups.


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By Kate Lismore, published on 27/05/2016


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