Spotted: Remember That Time Chris Pratt Was In 'The OC'?

In a not-so-distant past, there was a world where Chris Pratt was yet to become the mega Hollywood blockbuster star he is today.

Now one of the highest paid actors in the business, the Minnesota-born actor had to work his way up from the small screen – an almost inevitable rite of passage, as proven by his Passengers co star Jennifer Lawrence.

But far from some obscure made-for-TV film, Pratt actually played a short-lived but memorable role in one of the biggest teen shows of all time.

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It was the autumn of 2006. Having just finished work on US drama series Everwood, Chris Pratt, then aged 27, found refuge on the Californian coast. More specifically in Newport Beach, a well-to-do city in the Orange County and home to Josh Shwartz's (Chuck, Gossip Girl) hit TV series, The OC.

Then in its fourth season, the show welcomed our international Star-Lord into a role some light years away from the kind of parts he's used to playing these days. For a good part of the season, Pratt incarnated Summer's college friend and bohemian-styled environmental activist Che.

During one particularly trippy episode, you might remember that Che decided to take Seth Cohen (Adam Brody) on an impromptu camping trip to find his spiritual animal after dreaming that Seth was in fact his soulmate.

The two wind up taking hallucinogenics and find themselves deep in the woods on a trippy adventure that just so happens to take place on Groundhog Day. Of course the pair then set about attempting to release a captive groundhog. (How much do you miss The OC at this point?)

Luckily, Che bumps into his true soulmate along the way and the pair leave town to live out their eco-friendly love story. We can only assume the lovebirds separated some years before Pratt wound up in Pawnee, Indiana...

All Chris Pratt, all the time

Following his brief stint on The OC, Chris Pratt has collected all manner of roles in various big budget US productions.

After playing a dinosaur tamer in the 2015's Jurassic World, Pratt seems to have landed his perfect role as Star-Lord in Guardians of the Galaxy, a character he'll be picking up again in a much-anticipated second movie in 2017.

While he's been increasingly prominent in the world of cinema in recent years, Pratt's visibility initially increased thanks to his role in Parks and Recreation. Aired on NBC between 2009 and 2015 he won over the hearts of thousands as the innocent and loveable Andy Dwyer over seven hilarious seasons.

Fun fact: his character, originally conceived to appear in just a handful of episodes, was rated so likeable by producers that he managed to star in the entire show.

We'd expect nothing less from the wonderful Chris Pratt.


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By Florian Ques, published on 09/01/2017