Par Lydia Morrish

To the surprise of pretty much every young person – including me – actor, comedian, television presenter, former professional footballer and now singer, Bradley Walsh, won the Best-Selling Debut Album of 2016.

You might know him from Corrie, but you definitely don't know him for his new swing release, Chasing Dreams, unless your mum has it. But this win is not the most random thing to develop from the former Corrie star.

A video showing Walsh being interviewed by an NME journalist on his way into London's O2 Arena for the BRIT Awards ceremony is the perfect way to heal any of your afflictions. It is a therapeutic masterpiece. In a random moment of stuttering, stammering and elation, the TV personality has proven that his personality is exactly what makes him so special and likeable – even to young people.

Because I've got to confess: I've fallen in love with Bradley Walsh after seeing this interview. I will now tell you why.

The Chase host is visibly beside himself during his journey down the red carpet, announcing to the interviewer, "This is pretty cool innit!" while he slurs some other stuff in his elation. Confessing he's never been to the BRITs before, the cheeky chappy is clearly more delighted to be there than anyone's ever been ever.

But perhaps the most fantastically funny moment though, is when Stormzy turns up, passing Walsh and giving him a blokey hug. The pair embrace and Stormzy calls Walsh a "legend". What follows is just Walsh being a goofy middle-aged man who is uncontrollably talking while being possibly a bit drunk. The "legend" tells NME:

“My mate Stormzy there. We hang together. Do a bit of grime. What else do we do? Grunge? No, just grime. Definitely grime."

He then proceeds to namedrop Bruno Mars ("He's from Hawaii, I like Hawaiian pizza. That's quite cool...") and then Stormzy a few more times, joking that the duo are going to release an album of Nelson Riddle arrangements "in grime form". It will be called "Griddle". This man. I love him.

This Great British Video has actually brought me to tears around four times now, and even thinking about Bradley Walsh's speechless little quivering mouth shakes my tear ducts.

And yet, Walsh's baggy expression of both modesty and the thrill of being a newfound Sony star aged 56 shows this man deserves the respect of us younger generations. We may not have known much about the singer before this chance encounter with the country's biggest new grime star, but we should now try to never forget him.

Some are now likening Walsh's lovely multitalented self to Bruce Forsyth, and others believe he is a national treasure. He is, of course, both. And I didn't realise it until now, but Bradley Walsh is the only reason Britain is a good place right now and he deserves everything. Especially a Stormzy collab.

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