Beyoncé Paid Homage To Fela Kuti During Her Iconic Coachella Performance

Just to clear up any doubt, Beyoncé is the G.O.A.T of our time, and your fave could never. If you didn't think so before, we're pretty sure her performance at Coachella Beychella changed all that! If you're still of a different and perverse opinion, then you really can't sit with us! 

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Yesterday, members of the Beyhive all over the world were treated to a live performance, where Beyoncé snatched our souls. As promised and expected, her set was top notch — where she gifted us with a surprise Jay Z appearance, a Solange dance-off to "Get Me Bodied" and the Destiny’s Child reunion we all gagged for. Much to our surprise and pleasure, the queen's stellar band gave us a quick Fela Kuti rendition, which also snatched the edges off our Bey-loved heads. 

Beyoncé’s Coachella theme was recreating the historically black college experience, which cannot authentically exist without a marching band. She performed with a 200-person band on a set which resembled bleachers at a homecoming rally. It was this marching band who played a glorious rendition of Fela's classic, "Zombie", giving us all the feels and reaffirming to us that Beyoncé is really the greatest to ever do it. 

As we all know, Fela Kuti was the Nigerian G.O.A.T, and his music and legacy have outlived him. He was a musician and an activist who launched afrobeat – the foundation for Nigerian music as we know it today. Beyoncé's band paying homage to this legend marries two G.O.A.Ts together, and all we have to say to that is: what a time to be alive, what a time to be black! 

Check out "Zombie" à la Beychella right here: 

By Damilola Animashaun, publish on 16/04/2018