Pakistan's First Hand-Drawn Animation Is An Absolute Masterpiece

Ever since Hayao Miyazaki announced his retirement back in 2013, Studio Ghibli fans have left a little distraught. But alas, there appears to be a new kid on the block with an exciting project.

The Glassworker is an animation written and directed by Usman Riaz about a young glassblower who comes to the rather poetic discovery that "life is beautiful but fragile, much like glass".


It will be the first fully hand-drawn animated movie from Pakistan and is currently launching the first part through Kickstarter – a last ditch effort to raise vital funding. As the description reads:

"The Glassworker is a coming of age story about a young boy named Vincent, who is learning the art of Glassblowing from his father in their Glass Shop. As he grows older he begins to fall in love with a frequent visitor of the shop - a young girl named Alliz."

Riaz is a fine artist, multi-instrumentalist and composer currently based in Boston who has gained a reputation for the captivating way in which he tells stories through film and music.


Mano Animation Studios estimate the project will cost around £50,000; and they've even provided a nice breakdown of the costs, which includes animating, editing, overdubbing and score recording.

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By Matthew Kirby, published on 16/02/2016


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