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March’s temperatures have been an unexpected reminder that Summer is just around the corner; and here to get you stoked for it are Vicente Espi and Arielle Vakni of ANIMA!

Following on from their debut self-titled album, the South African and Californian alt-electronic duo have released a Moglii remix of its lead track, "Silver Screen".

It has all the ethereal aesthetic of an FKA Twigs track, with the layered vocals of Arielle, and the soulful sound of violins, warm beats, and the heart throb of a Jupiter '08 analogue synth. Listen below:

Arielle describes ANIMA! as music that celebrates you, suggesting "everyone is a collection of every single moment and decision; every rock, every wave, every birth and death has been a puzzle piece."

"We make music about how awesome that is and how we should rest easy in the fact that it’s all meant to be and were all significant, creative and inspiring beings with nice butts and perfect hair."

Their album's message is centered around the self, Vicente explains, "we try to promote the idea of living a life present and positively" and encourage people to "embrace their inner beauty".

"Discovering your own beauty and uniqueness is, to me, one of the greatest meanings of life," he adds, "but there are so many distractions that try to subtly force people into moulds."

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(Photo: ANIMA!)

ANIMA! draws on influences from artists like The Acid, Fyfe, Arca and Thom Yorke, although their sound from a passion to dance, and be and experimental wild card, Arielle suggests.

As a band comprising one Californian and one South African, they have completely different approaches to life, but believe "we all have common threads that connect us."

Distance however, is a great burden. "We can't even play a show without one of us fighting through immigration papers," Vicente explains.

For now, the two are collaborating remotely, although when their artist visas are worked out, ANIMA! plans on touring America.

In the meantime Arielle and Vicente will continue to make music from opposite sides of the pond and there will be a show in France in May. Follow their Facebook page for updates.

Check out the ANIMA! self-titled LP on Soundcloud now.

Check out the ANIMA! self-titled LP on Soundcloud now. (Image: ANIMA!)

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