Par Adrien Delage

In 2019, cinema's most famous sci-fi horror franchise will celebrate its 40th anniversary. The first Alien movie was released in 1979, and directed by Ridley Scott, before James Cameron, David Fincher and Jean-Pierre Jeunet took over for the following three films. After that, the Gladiator director resumed control of the Alien universe once again with the two prequels Prometheus and Covenant. And if the rumors are correct, the xenomorphs could even reach the small screen. 

© 20th Century Fox

The idea didn't come from Ridley Scott but from the rights holder, 20th Century Fox. According to Omega Ground, the series would not feature well-known characters such as Ellen Ripley or Elizabeth Shaw, but instead a new group of survivors lost in the same cold, spatial universe as the movies. What's more, Fox doesn't want to follow up on Alien: Covenant on the big screen, while Ridley Scott has got used to working in television with The Terror, Taboo and The Man in the High Castle, which he co-produces. In other words, all indicators are green for sending the project into orbit.

No network, cast member or basic synopsis has yet been announced, but the American website has its money on an announcement from 20th Century Fox very soon. Given that Disney and Fox will soon sign their merger deal, it's even possible that an Alien series could land on the platform designed by the brand behind Mickey. We're sure it'll fit in perfectly with Star Wars and Monsters, Inc..