90s Kids Rejoice, Tamagotchis Are Having A Comeback

Kids of the 90s rejoice! The Japanese company Bandai has announced it will be selling Tamagotchi again in small console format, more than 20 years after it was first put on sale.

Before being glued to our mobile phone screens, it was on Tamagotchi that our eyes were riveted. It first landed in 1996. The aim of the game was to feed, wash and treat a virtual animal, to keep it alive as long as possible.

The success of the Japanese game spread to the United States and Europe in a most spectacular way: that year, 40 million little egg-shaped critters were sold worldwide.

Bandai is now commercialising six different kinds of eggs in Japan, as well as six small characters for 1,500 yen (£11). It should be noted though that a 1996 original game can be found for over £100 on average (thanks to its nostalgia factor). Our fave little beasts can also be purchased via Amazon Japan for under £15.

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By Mejda Dihi, published on 12/04/2017