A Look Back At The Most Kitsch Dishes Of The 1970s

Meat jello, meat and cheese stuffed pineapple or even boiled eggs and fish. It seems the 1970s were all about having the most abnormal dish. Back then, foodporn was far from the avocado toast and smoothie bowls.

Meat ruled every meal, and mayo was essential to create improbable associations. Now, Twitter account 70s Dinner Party delights us with the best photos of the groovy decade's most kitsch meals. Behind the twitter account and the Tumblr page, is a Londoner publicist.

Anna Pallai created this ode to kitsch cuisine because she was tired of clean-eating trends and Instagram pictures of perfect food. She grew up in the 1970s, fed meat loafs, stuffed peppers, Hungarian stews and a lot of boiled egg platters.

When she found one of her mother's old cooking books, covered in grease-stains, she had the idea to share these recipes and vintage photos on the internet, and soon in a book (October): 70s Dinner Party: The Good, The Bad and the Downright Ugly of Retro Food.


"Harking back to a simpler pre-Instagram, pre-clean-eating era, when the only concern for your dinner party was whether your aspic would set in time, this is a joyful celebration of food that can give you gout just by looking at it.
Covering all the essentials, from starters through to desserts, dinner party etiquette (just how does one start to eat a swan fashioned from a hard boiled egg?) and the dreaded ‘foreign’ food, there's no potato-fashioned-as-a-stone left unturned."

Weird associations and abnormal presentations were key

The 1970s don't seem to be the healthiest decade. 1950s and 1960s were the golden age of the microwave and precooked meals, everything cooked in three minutes or less, which even led American magazine Bon Appetit to say in 1976:


"If you're already the proud owner of a microwave oven, consider yourself among the avant-garde cooks of America."


As for cooked meals, stuffed ingredients were king, especially meat within meats. A lot of unappetising associations were merely presentations that required way too much attention, and you could find mussels in every kind of pineapple... a lot of pineapple. Oh and people weren't scared of fat in the 1970s.

Stuffed cabbage

"Only love beats butter"

Mayonnaise cake

Lamb Mint Jelly

Fish always taste better

Fast meal idea: stuffed peppers

"Oh, go stuff a pineapple"

A well garnished platter

Ham. And bananas. And Hollandaise.

Bon appetit.

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By Sirine Azouaoui, published on 08/09/2016