Watch: 100 Years Of Japanese Animation Gathered In One 15-Minute Clip

2017 saw the one-hundredth-anniversary of Japanese animation– or what we know and enjoy today as animes. To celebrate, the Association of Japanese Animations shared a video taking us all the way back to the earliest examples of the genre, which exploded on our screen thanks to the talent of people like Hayao Miyazaki. 

The 15-minute video shows how Japanese animated films evolved technically and aesthetically over time, and how it managed to carve its place on the global market. Featuring titles such as Akira, Princess Mononoke and Panda and the Magic Serpent, we are treated to a thorough trip down the history of amine.

(via: Giphy)

Included is a clip from Namakura Gatana (1917), the first ever Japanese animation. And that's just one title out of 122 others, presented in chronological order. Unfortunately though, some of your favorite and recent animes are not featured due to copyright issues, as Japan Today explains.

However, we're still treated to the likes of Naruto to One Piece to Your Name, it's a nostalgic journey through the genre.

If you'd rather watch the full versions of some the animations featured, remember that you still have to the end of the year to freely access sixty-four shorts released between 1917 and 1941 thanks to Japanese Animated Film Classics (MOMA Tokyo put them online in March 2017).

But if you're up for a quick and fun drive down memory lane, check out the AJA offering of animes, below. 

By Lucille Bion, publish on 29/12/2017