Why Keanu Reeves Is The Coolest Guy On The Planet (And Always Has Been)

'John Wick', 'E3', 'Toy Story 4': Keanu Reeves is everywhere. Let’s go over the myth he represents.

Now 54 years old, Keanu Reeves has never been more loved worldwide. With the success of the third movie of the John Wick franchise, Keanu is everywhere, from E3 where he presented the incredible trailer of Cyperpink 2077 to Toy Story 4, giving his voice to a new character. Let’s go over the story of this incredible actor as beloved as hated through his entire career. Let’s answer that fundamental question: why is he so cool?

Keanu Went Through Hell… But Hey, He's Cool.


Keanu Reeves has a few dark stories. A true globe trotter, he spent his youth between Beyrouth, Sydney, New Jersey then finally Toronto. His dad was then in prison for heroin trafficking. Keanu will have several stepdads but they were rarely there for him. Complicated family. On the set of My Own Private Idaho, he made friend with a young actor who was about to become his best friend: River Phoenix. But in 1993, River died of an overdose at only 23-Year-Old. Keanu was devastated.

Soon after that, in 1998, Keany fell in love with Jennifer Syme. A year later she was expecting a little girl. But the child died eight months into the pregnancy. Following this tragedy, the couple falls apart. A year and a half later, Jennifer Syme died in a car accident. Despite all of these disasters, Keanu stays positive and stoic, drawing from his suffering to choose his path. A model of cool.

On Screen, Keanu Got Famous As A Dumb Metalhead Traveling Through Time. Can It Get Any Cooler?


Keanu’s most striking first role was as Ted in the comedy The Excellent Adventure of Bill and Ted which took the box-office by surprise in 1989. The movie sends two dum-dum teenagers time traveling through a telephone booth to work on their history class presentation. Headbanger Keanu appears like an idiot, almost completely stupid. Yet, he left a mark on an entire generation with his unpretentious yet successful acting in this parody of Back To The Future.

This comedy will have a sequel and even a cartoon on CBS. It also probably inspired classics of the regressive comedy genre such as Wayne’s World, Beavis et Butt-Head or even Dumb and Dumber, Harold & Kumar… To add to the legend, Bill and Ted’s mantra in the movie is: Be excellent to each other; party on, dudes !" and Keanu apparently decided to live by that statement in his personal life as well.

Proving that dumb comedies can be character-building. A third Bill & Ted movie is currently in the making and Keanu will be back to play his own role, still cool thirty years later.


Keanu Always Put Others Before Him. And That's Pretty Damn Cool.

Keanu is close to the people. Anecdotes relating his kindness have been legion for several decades. His generosity was notably noticed on the set of the Matrix movie. Several rumors refer to donations that Keanu made to members of his team. He apparently gave 35 and 90 million dollars from his own paycheck to fund the special effects and the costumes for the movie.

He also apparently offered Harley-Davidson motorcycles to the main actors and actresses and also helped members of the technical team by offering them a Christmas bonus. These rumors are hard to check but they keep the myth alive in Hollywood.


He is also known to give plenty to charity without bragging about it. Staying true to himself, he is normal to the point people run into him in the subway, where he can be seen offering his seat to people who need it. Keanu is always very kind to his fans, respectful and patient. Cool is his middle name for sure.

Keanu Doesn't Get Old, He Is Cool.

Time has nothing on Keanu. While he is 54-year-old, he keeps on performing his stunts himself in movies as intense as John Wick. Is he even human? When having a look at the timeline below, we can doubt it. Conspiracy seekers are positive: Keanu is immortal. Obviously, that’s not true. But the theory is still pretty cool.

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Keanu Has The Weirdest Movies In His Filmography. Still, They're Cool.

Instead of focusing solely on the franchises which worked such as Speed, Point Break or Matrix, Keanu likes an adventure. While he was the most bankable ever, he ventured into many projects which were either shady or overly ambitious. Hence after turning down the sequel of Speed of the role of Val Kilmer in Heat, he chose the improbable Johnny Mnemonic, which crashed at the box-office and was despised by the critics.

At the time, he is called out on his monolithic acting, whatever the emotion of his character… which he ended up using to his advantage to brand himself.  The only movie of the contemporary artist Robert Longo with Takeshi Kitano, Dolph Lundgren and Ice T, Johnny Mnemonic is a visionary cyberpunk march towards the fantasy politico-mysticism of Matrix.

And by the way, between two movies of Lana and Lilly Wachowski, Keanu decides he wants to play a young and shady baseball coach who is addicted to games and alcohol in HardballThis unpretentious dramedy with some hip hop in the background has an unexpected charm to it which is undeniable and adds a touch of sympathy to Keanu’s record.

In 2005 he accepts to be part of the adaptation of the dark comics Hellblazer by Garth  Ennis called ConstantineExtremely risky, the movie is about an investigator of paranormal activities who loves being politically incorrect. Some kind of evil Doctor Strange. The result is a mix between a flop and a cult movie, like most of Keanu’s filmography.

In 2006, he heads for the great A Scanner Darkly, a visionary movie by Richard Linklater based on a story by Philip Kindred Dick where rugs and paranoïa meet in a strange rotoscopic animation, between dreams and comics. A true legend in Asia, Keanu then works on productions such as 47 RoninA financial hole for an original result, the blockbuster was off the beaten tracks.

In 2008, he comes back to the polar with Street Kings by David Ayer, as humble as powerful, and the step which then led him to go back to action movies in the John Wick franchise with the popular and critical success that we know. Even when he seems to be losing himself, Keanu remains cool and his career makes complete sense.

Keanu Has The Coolest Characters Name

Ok, they’re all called John, but they’re all next level: Jonathan Harker, Don John, John Wick, John Utah, Johnny Mnemonic, John Constantine... And then Neo. Crazy, right? As for Toy Story 4, his name is Duke Caboom. All. Cool.

Keanu Has A Great Sense Of Self-Mockery.

And that’s probably the key to the entire mystery that Keanu is. While the internet makes up personalities like Sad Keanu or Happy Keanu with millions of memes, he always answers with irony, saying, in the end, he is not as sad as he is lonely.

When talking about his private life, starting insane rumors such as his wedding with David Geffen, he answers with a smile: That just blew me away. Not because they thought I was gay, but that they thought I could land a guy that hot." At Key & Peele, this sense of self-mockery appears in the movie Keanu where he takes the voice of the cutest street kitty.

A true icon, he even plays with his self-image in the comedy by Ali Wong Always Be My Maybe, for Netflix. Topped by a song wearing his name in the soundtrack called "I Punched Keanu Reeves"inspired by Jeru the Damaga and DJ Premier. Everything goes smooth for Keanu and he takes it all with a lot of philosophies, even the scary big internet monster. The top of the cool.

Result: Keanu Reeves Is The Coolest Since Cool Spot

It was not that complicated.

By Aurélien Chapuis, published on 20/06/2019


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