Whether You Like It Or Not, The First Trailer For 'Dora The Explorer' Is Here

The little schoolgirl is all grown up. Living in the city with her cousin, Dora returns to the jungle to save her family.

The live-action adaptation of the cartoon Dora the Explorer is unlikely to appeal to the young people who learned English with Swiper and Boots. The new film from Paramount features a much more grown-up version of the heroine, who will be played by Isabela Moner, a Peruvian actress and singer. The studio has been criticized for this transformation and accused of sexualizing the innocent Dora. Only her clothes fit perfectly with the image of the little 8-year-old schoolgirl we had in our minds from the cartoon.

Playing the humor card with phony stunts, jokes and exaggerated behavior, the trailer looks a bit like a comedy along the same lines as the Jumanji remake with The Rock. Although the movie could be something of a guilty pleasure, it could also flop completely, a bit like Dora trying to reach the opposite cliff in the trailer. 

While Eva Longoria and Michael Peña will play Dora's parents, Benicio Del Toro and Danny Trejo will take on the roles of Swiper the fox and Boots the monkey. The little gang are now living in the city, but will have to return to the jungle and overcome a series of obstacles to save Dora's family. 

The film directed by James Bobin will be released on August 2.


Article translated by: Eleanor Staniforth

By Lucille Bion, published on 25/03/2019