'The Purge' Will Continue To Wreak Havoc In A Second Season

Anarchy isn't about to come to an end anytime soon, on either the big or the small screen.

(© USA Network)

Boosted by the success of the movie franchise, the series The Purge, created by James DeMonaco, has clearly performed well on USA Network, as the green light has just been given for Season 2. The announcement came on Tuesday, a few hours before the audience was able to watch the season finale. 


Chris McCumber, the director of the network, celebrated the news in a press release: "USA Network is so proud to be the television home for the iconic franchise, The Purge".

To date, the film franchise has produced four movies, the last of which was released this summer. The plot is simple, and remains unchanged in the series: in a dystopian USA unnervingly close to the one we know, the government has decided to create a day of the year when everything is allowed. Twelve hours, to be precise, during which anyone at all can steal, kill, slaughter... In short, do everything which is forbidden and/or morally reprehensible the rest of the year.

By Delphine Rivet, published on 08/11/2018


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