The Next 'Suicide Squad' And 'Birds of Prey' Movies Will Be R-Rated

The success of 'Joker' seems to have given the studio a few ideas.

Following its failure to create a DCEU worthy of Disney's MCU, Warner has been reflecting on what to do with its catalog of superheroes. One of the options was to make the films R-Rated, something which the more family-oriented Disney is unable to do. 

The success of Joker, the first R-Rated movie to make more than a billion dollars at the box office, seems to have pushed the studio further in this direction. It's now been reported that some of the studio's forthcoming productions will be R-Rated, including James Gunn's Suicide Squad and Birds of Prey, the spin-off about Harley Quinn and other super-villains which is set for release on February 19.


In the case of Suicide Squad, the news comes as no surprise. The characters are somber and violent, while the director began his career in horror movies, so it's a rather coherent decision. We are quite surprised, however, to learn that Birds of Prey will now be R-Rated, after the trailers presented it as a classic film with a light-hearted tone reflecting Harley's quirkiness. 

It remains to be seen whether Matt Reeves' Batman will be meeting the same fate — that would be quite a gamble, as R-Rated movies are forbidden to anyone under 17. While Batman is on the dark side, he's also a cult character and it might be a bit too daring a move for the studio to exclude younger viewers. 

We'll find out soon! In the meantime, Harley Quinn will be back on February 19 in Birds of Prey.



Article translated by: Eleanor Staniforth

By Arthur Cios, published on 02/12/2019


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