Robert Downey Jr Is Down For A Come Back Of Iron Man In The MCU

The actor says he’d like to shoot 'Ironheart', a movie which would require him to come back in the MCU.

His character died in Avengers: Endgame and yet… Robert Downey Jr could appear one more time in the highly awaited phase 4 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. While attending a gala in Chicago, the actor expressed his desire to see Ironheart hit the big screen. A statement which is not as trivial as it may seem, since it could require Tony Stark to come back to life.

Robert Downey Jr might not have anticipated the impact of his words. Indeed if Ironheart was to be integrated to the superheroes we already know, it could only be before the events of the last Avengers… Otherwise, it would require a few flashbacks and also for Riri Wiliams to be devastated by the loss of her mentor. Indeed, the young comic hero meets the inventor as she carries on her engineering studies aiming to upgrade Stark’s work by creating her own Iron Man armor. After which Tony Stark takes her under his wing.


Even when he dies, Riri manages (and that’s the most interesting part) to preserve his precious advice through the hologram made by artificial intelligence. It then follows her all along with his adventures. The story could then be adapted to the cinema. Although Robert Downey Jr assured in the past he would let go of his Iron Man costume for good, he should come back for a few scenes and lend his voices for a few sequences.


He won’t play a lead role for sure, but his rare scenes could already please the Marvel fans who keep on petitioning to resuscitate their favorite character. Hence the fact that Eve Ewing, the creator of Ironheart, quickly spread the news on Twitter. Plus, the truth is that his return as a hologram would make sense after his futurist goodbye message in Endgame.

Anyhow, Ironheart will also be a good way fo the movie studio to go further in the direction of inclusivity, although the comic has already been criticized for its awkward representation of the daily life of a black woman in the United States. Which explains why it was not as successful as other characters of the Marvel universe. To offer Ironheart a long feature would make up for the clumsiness of this script which was ambitious nonetheless.

By Eléna Pougin, published on 18/06/2019


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