No, Michael B. Jordan Won't Be Playing Superman (For Now)

The actor had been approached to play the new Clark Kent, but it doesn't look like that's going to be happening anytime soon.

Variety published a long article on November 26 explaining what'd been happening at Warner with regard to the future of the film adaptations based on the DC catalog. In it, we learned that the Snyder’s Cut of Justice League won't be released, but also that American actor Michael B. Jordan had been approached to play the new Superman. The media got pretty excited at that prospect, but it turns out that the situation is rather more complex than it initially seemed.

The article explains that the actor went to pitch his version of the character to the studio, so you'd think he was pretty motivated. But it's not quite as simple as that. On the one hand, the actor isn't ready to commit to the movie right away as his agenda is packed with other projects. On the other, the movie doesn't yet have a screenplay or a director and no films about Clark Kent are planned until 2023.  


It doesn't look too good, then. Of course, it's always possible that once a screenplay has been written, the actor will be more likely to get behind the project. For now though, it looks like we're going to be disappointed, and that's a real shame. 


Article translated by: Eleanor Staniforth

By Arthur Cios, published on 03/12/2019


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