Marvel Wanted A Woman To Direct 'Black Widow'… Except For The Action Scenes

"Companies are interested in female filmmakers but they still think action scenes are for male directors."

Black Widow, the first Marvel female super-hero to join the MCU. (© Disney / Marvel)

Speaking at a masterclass at Jio MAMI Mumbai Film Festival, Argentinian director Lucrecia Martel revealed she had been approached to direct the movie Black Widow with Scarlett Johansson, The Pioneer reports. In the end, it is Australian feminist director Cate Shortland who was chosen for the project.

Lucrecia Martel, who directed Zama, went on to explain she received an email from the studio offering a meeting to discuss the movie Black Widow, a meeting for which she had to sign a confidentiality agreement. She says:

"So I went to the reunion. I actually signed this thing where I can't talk about that reunion.I do believe another female director (Cate Shortland) is making the movie (now). What they told me in the meeting was 'we need a female director because we need someone who is mostly concerned with the development of Scarlett Johansson's character.'"

The director also raised an important issue about the action scenes. She explains having asked to change the special effects she found "horrible".  To which the studios answered her not to "worry about the action scenes", adding that they would "take care of that".

Surprised at first, Lucrecia Martel nows calls out on Marvel’s hypocrisy for wanting to hire more women all the while remaining septic when it comes to letting them fully in charge:

"I was thinking, well I would love to meet Scarlett Johansson but also I would love to make the action sequences. Companies are interested in female filmmakers but they still think action scenes are for male directors."

A total of 70 female directors have been contacted to direct the project Cate Shortland will be in charge of, after Somersault and Lore.

The movie will take place before the first Avengers and telling the story of the adventures of our favorite Soviet spy, embodied by Scarlett Johansson.

By Lucille Bion, published on 14/12/2018