Joker: Police Evacuate Audiences From A Californian Cinema

A "suspicious individual" had been spotted outside the cinema.

This weekend, the Joker propelled itself to the top of the American box office with $93 million in revenue. However, the number of incidents feared, and largely fuelled by the media since the beginning of the film's promotion, is beginning to increase. 

A screening was interrupted last weekend in Long Beach, California, due to the actions of a "suspicious subject", reported the Long Beach Post. The public was evacuated and law enforcement arrested a "male adult subject" who had "walked to the front of the theatre while wearing a backpack" and apparently "was surveying the crowd", leaving the patrons of the theater feeling "fearful he was in possession of a weapon".


The police quickly arrived on the scene, mobilized in a nearby cinema where shots had been heard earlier in the evening. No weapons were found on the individual, but he was kept in detention for another unrelated case. 

According to the Long Beach Post, earlier this weekend, a Huntington Beach movie theatre screening the film had to close after receiving serious threats. 

With plainclothes police in the projection rooms and an army ready to intervene, the United States has stepped up preventive measures in preparation for the Joker's exit, traumatized by the memory of the Aurora shooting. In 2012, during a screening of The Dark Knight Rises in Los Angeles, an individual dressed as a Joker opened fire in a movie theater in Aurora, Colorado. He had killed 12 people and wounded 58.

By Manon Marcillat, published on 08/10/2019


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