Jake Gyllenhaal Will Star In The American Remake Of 'The Guilty'

Danish cinema is now being exported to the United States: The Guilty by Gustav Möller is set to be remade with Jake Gyllenhaal at the heart of the plot.

The Guilty, a wonderful Danish film pre-selected for the Oscars in the Best Foreign Film category, is soon to be remade. Jake Gyllenhaal takes the starring role, following in the footsteps of Jakob Cedergren in the original version of the film.

The movie tells the story of a police officer responsible for responding to the emergency calls made to his station, whose peaceful daily existence is about to be turned upside down after he receives a call from a woman who is being kidnapped.

Viewers are immersed in the private inquiry which follows, conducted solely by telephone, in which no other characters other than the police officer appear. A unique cinemateographic experience which has captivated viewers all over the world. 

Producing the movie are Jake Gyllenhaal and Gustav Möller, the director and screenwriter for the original film. The actor discovered the film at Sundance and was immediately won over, as he explains to Variety:

"Möller’s film masterfully weaves tension into an acute character study. [...] We are honored to be able to adapt it for American audiences."

The Guilty also won the Jury Award at Beaune International Thriller Film Festival and has been nominated for two 2018 European Film Awards for its screenplay and for Jakob Cedergren's performance.                                    

By Lucille Bion, published on 12/12/2018