Jack White And Jack Black Join Forces To Form... Jack Gray (and it's not a joke)

The singer and guitarist and the garage rock fan started working together.

When your name is Jack Black, partnering with Jack White to form a band called Jack Gray is really the ultimate... and most importantly, it seems unreal. However, this is what the man known as Jablinski on his YouTube channel announced through a vlog of almost 20 minutes.


Accompanied by his partner from the group Tenacious D, Kyle Gass, and Jack White, he revealed some information about their future collaboration. It happened in Jack White's famous atypical house, although they did not really film the house. Jack Black even says: "His house is absolutely crazy, I've never seen such stylish antique objects."

As for the songs of the two artists, they would be "legendary" according to the words on camera of the member of Tenacious D. "Everyone was waiting for us to work together. It's done," he exclaimed. And we're all very eager to hear the result.

By Eléna Pougin, published on 13/08/2019


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