In The United States, The Horrifying 'Us' Smashes Box Office Records

Following the success of his last movie Get Out, Jordan Peele does it again.

In 2017, Jordan Peele had taken the international box office hostage for several weeks with Get Out. Despite its small budget (5 million is not much in Hollywood), its gross had reached 250 million dollars total, 33 millions of which in the US just in the opening weekend.

Of course, all eyes were on Us, the director’s second movie, and, surprise: it smashed Box Office records making twice as much, shearing $70 million in its first weekend. And that is simply huge.

The number is even more impressing that it is the third best start for a horror movie in the United States (after It by Andy Muschietti and its 123 million and Halloween, with 76 million during opening weekend).

Even more so, it is the second best start for an original story (meaning neither a prequel, sequel or reboot). Avatar by James Cameron had made 77 millions its first few days.

If we don’t picture Us going as far as Avatar, which remains the biggest success in history with its total 2,7 billion dollars gross, it still means that its final score could be very impressive.

It might climb another few steps and reach the podium of the horror movies best success. It reached almost 700 million dollars total, far ahead of I Am A Legend (585 million) and Jaws (407 million). Which makes us even happier since Us's cast is mostly Afro-American, which also means a lot.

The movie also beat Captain Marvel, even if the blockbuster did excellent, reaching so far 910 million total, which is quite good for a Marvel movie.

By Arthur Cios, published on 25/03/2019