FYI: Danny Trejo Will Be Boots In ‘Dora The Explorer’ Live-Action

Did you forget about this project? So did we. And yet, it's happening, and soon!

Quentin Tarantino won’t be the only reason to head to the theaters this summer. Let's not forget Dora The Explorer Live-Action. Yes, you read it right. This project which we have been telling you about for a while now and that we had trouble imagining until now is getting real, and so does its crazy cast.

After hearing that Benicio Del Toro was to play The Swiper, we now discover that Danny Trejo has been chosen to play Boots, Dora’s famous little monkey friend. This badass grown man becoming the voice of a cute little monkey seems absurd, and that must be the reason why he was chosen. We won't lie, it definitely piques our interest. Especially now that the first posters have been released.

In case you forgot (that too), the movie will start while Dora is about to start high-school. Obviously, she will end up in a series of crazy adventures and if we trust the pictures below, it should look like a Tomb Raider version of Dora.

The release date is scheduled for August, 2.

(© Paramount Pictures)

By Arthur Cios, published on 22/03/2019