Find Out More About The 'Gladiator' Sequel

The producers of the second installment have spoken out about the timeline for the forthcoming feature film.

It's been almost 20 years now since we were promised a sequel to Ridley Scott's famous film. And it looks like the time might finally have come according to the producers, who have revealed new information about the timeline for the feature film. Walter F. Parkes and Laurie MacDonald, who also brought us the Men In Black films, have been announced as the producers of this latest chapter of Gladiator, which, we hope, will focus on the latest adventures of Joaquin Phoenix and Russell Crowe. And as the producers are currently busy promoting Men In Black: International, a number of journalists took the opportunity to ask them about the famous movie. 

And that's how we learned that they're "working with Ridley Scott, that's one [movie] we wouldn't touch unless we felt in a way to do it was legitimate". They also said: "We're working with an amazing writer as well, Peter Craig". They must be overjoyed with the latter, who also wrote the screenplays for the Hunger Games movies and the second Top Gun. He's also the son of famous actress Sally Field.

But Parkes and MacDonald didn't stop there, going on: "It picks up the story 30 years later... 25 years later". That seems like quite a coherent choice as it will give the team behind the feature film more freedom and allow them to distance themselves from the first film without disappointing fans. With a time lapse like that, the situation in Rome will have changed and the director will be able to create a whole new plot. But it's also a way of anticipating the worst, i.e. the absence of the original cast, whose actors are now huge names in the cinema world.

The producers will be able to justify the loss of the original starring actors by pointing out the amount of time which has passed since the end of the first Gladiator. It'll also be an opportunity to reach a new audience, who didn't necessarily see the film released in 2000. 

That's all we know about Gladiator 2 for now, and it's not even certain yet whether or not the project will be going ahead. 


Article translated by: Eleanor Staniforth

By Eléna Pougin, published on 12/06/2019