Dream Job: Studio Ghibli Is Looking For People To Work In Japan

The jobs could be related to the feature films produced by the Miyazaki father and son duo.

It's been about 3 years now since Studio Ghibli gave us our last dreamy dose of animated goodness. After the feature film The Red Turtle (2016), fans have been waiting impatiently for the next production from the Studio. The last we heard, Hayao Miyazaki (whose last feature film, The Wind Rises, was released six years ago already) is working on a new film, along with his son Goro who proved his talents with From Up on Poppy Hill in 2011.

While you wait, if you're good at Japanese and 2D animation, the Studio has just published a job offer for a digital artist. The skills required are quite classic for this type of post: you should be aged over 20 and be available from October 1 2019 until the end of the creative process for the film. A salary of 250,000 yen (around 2,200 dollars a month) is on offer, or more depending on your experience. 


If you get the job, you'll have the opportunity to work with Miyazaki and to put the finishing touches to the digital animation for the film. Hayao Miyazaki has always refused to work on a computer, preferring the traditional method of pen and paper. Studio Ghibli is also well-known for paying a fixed salary. Founded in 1985 by trade unionists, it is one of the rare Japanese animation studios to pay a monthly salary instead of paying per drawing, and the salaries offered are above the national average. 

You've still got a few more months to perfect your Japanese and prepare your departure for the Land of the Rising Sun, so go for it! 



Article translated by: Eleanor Staniforth

By Pierre Bazin, published on 25/04/2019