Director Martin Scorsese Has Some Advice For Anyone Planning To Watch His 'The Irishman'

Even on Netflix, there are a few rules to follow...

The Irishman was released on Netflix last week. It's the longest film in Scorsese's career (and the director isn't known for scrimping on the length of his movies). Although the film is hosted by the platform and won't be released in theaters (with the exception of a few venues), there are still a few rules to follow to get the most out of the experience. 

According to Scorsese, the ideal situation would have been for viewers to watch The Irishman at the cinema. But Netflix was the first 'buyer' for the movie, offering the director 175 million dollars to produce his project, the biggest budget in his career so far. Interviewed on Popcorn with Peter Travers, the director from New York had the following words of advice for subscribers to the platform. 


"I would suggest — if you ever want to see one of my pictures, or most films — please, please don’t look at it on a phone, please. An iPad, a big iPad, maybe."

Although the movie is very long at three and a half hours, the director advises you to behave as if you were at the cinema and turn your phone off to watch the film in one go, without interruptions. 

An American journalist, who clearly wasn't very keen on spending a whole afternoon watching the movie, dared to suggest watching it in four parts, like a mini-series, to allow breaks for peeing, snacking or Instagramming. He was met with rage from internet users. As you can imagine, Scorsese is strictly against this method.


For him, the whole point of The Irishman is its accumulation of detail. He designed the movie to be cumulative rather than episodic to create a deep, powerful portrait of Frank Sheeran. So put away your phone and settle in for a lengthy viewing session on a rainy Sunday afternoon – it'll be worth it!


Article translated by: Eleanor Staniforth

By Manon Marcillat, published on 03/12/2019


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